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Are You Responsible?

“I’m guilty. There, I said it! I can’t blame anyone. I got myself here. The burnout I experienced last year that led to me resigning – I take full responsibility. Those ideas I thought should be implemented but never were – I take full responsibility. Those people who say and do things that upset me – I take full responsibility. And on and on…”

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Sometimes there is no next time

“Have you ever been sitting in some sort of a meeting – whether at work, church or some other gathering – and you get that feeling that you should say something? More than a feeling (no, I’m not going to start singing the classic Boston song), it’s an urge. You need to say something…”

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Our Homeschooling Journey – Chapter 1

“My husband, Ryan, and I had been considering home-schooling since our eldest daughter, Amélie, started pre-school at the age of 3. Here in the UK, home-schooling is not as popular as it is in other countries, and I suppose, in the early days, it had been more of a ‘that would be nice’ or a ‘one day…’ kind of thought, rather than a serious thought…”

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There’s Something in the Water

“I was downstairs, cleaning up after our dinner, as is customary in the Anderson household. I tend to press Play on one of my favourite audiobook apps, and try to get our kitchen and lounge looking less like a hurricane swept through before I get summoned by our eldest, who shouts for me from the top of the stairs…”

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How Do Your Children See You?

“I started writing this as a simple thought on how children look at us and the world through a different lens. We might not feel remotely beautiful or cool, but that’s how our children see us (or want to see us) most of the time, and maybe it’s time to start looking at ourselves through their eyes more often. But then I got thinking about how this also relates to something that I often think about since becoming a dad: how to relate to God as our Father.”

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When Bedtime Stories Take a Turn for the…

“In recent weeks, I started making up bedtime stories when putting Amélie to bed. At first, I was quite impressed with how I came up with a JJ Abrams-esque sequel and prequel to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. I seemed to be doing pretty well, at first, but lost (no pun intended) my audience with a somewhat convoluted plot one night…”

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Baby Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere – Episode 1

“We all know – whether we actually do it or not – that exercise is important; and not just for us, but for our children, too. But what if we can kill 2 birds with one stone (where “kill” means achieve, “2” means more than one, “birds” mean goals, and “stone” means outcome)…”

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‘Tis the Season…

“Wherever you happen to be – both geographically and in terms of belief – I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous year ahead.”

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Challenge the “Truth”

“While most of us would probably like to believe that everything we are told is the truth (i.e., a fact), or that it is the best way of doing things, neither of these is necessarily so…”

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