I recently read this quote, or a very similar version, and learnt that it’s attributed to Winston Churchill, although he actually said words to this effect about a specific person. Regardless, the truth is the same: there are those who, when faced with the truth, initially stumble; that is not a bad thing – quite the opposite in fact. The problem is that, sometimes, we get comfortable with what we think we know to be true. But when something or someone comes along and shatters our supposed reality, what do we do then?

After the initial jolt, do we take stock, re-evaluate our lives, adjust and move forward? Or do we quickly get up and run off, getting back to our “reality”? Put this into any context you like: trust within a relationship, questionable doctrines, poor or unethical work practices, parenting techniques, to name just a few. What about you? What do you do when you are faced with such a radically different view or possibility? Do you consider it fairly? Or do you pick yourself up and run without looking back?

Today’s challenge, regardless of the context, is this: whether you are looking to improve upon something that isn’t working so well, or are faced with a revelation that makes you uncomfortable, don’t necessarily do the easiest, most comfortable thing. Maybe it’s time for some tough decisions and changes.

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