The Highs, the Lows & the In-Betweens

Parenting! What a wonderful rollercoaster ride! Here are some of our thoughts, experiences, and whatever else comes to mind.

Are You Responsible?

“I’m guilty. There, I said it! I can’t blame anyone. I got myself here. The burnout I experienced last year that led to me resigning – I take full responsibility. Those ideas I thought should be implemented but never were – I take full responsibility. Those people who say and do things that upset me – I take full responsibility. And on and on…”

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There’s Something in the Water

“I was downstairs, cleaning up after our dinner, as is customary in the Anderson household. I tend to press Play on one of my favourite audiobook apps, and try to get our kitchen and lounge looking less like a hurricane swept through before I get summoned by our eldest, who shouts for me from the top of the stairs…”

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How Do Your Children See You?

“I started writing this as a simple thought on how children look at us and the world through a different lens. We might not feel remotely beautiful or cool, but that’s how our children see us (or want to see us) most of the time, and maybe it’s time to start looking at ourselves through their eyes more often. But then I got thinking about how this also relates to something that I often think about since becoming a dad: how to relate to God as our Father.”

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When Bedtime Stories Take a Turn for the…

“In recent weeks, I started making up bedtime stories when putting Amélie to bed. At first, I was quite impressed with how I came up with a JJ Abrams-esque sequel and prequel to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. I seemed to be doing pretty well, at first, but lost (no pun intended) my audience with a somewhat convoluted plot one night…”

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