Whether you’re looking to start something – a dream you’ve had since… forever – or you’re already doing something you really love, too many of us get bogged down by looking sideways more often than looking ahead (and occasionally backwards). 

Yes, there’s a time to look to the side – to those who are doing similar things – so that we can learn, and there’s a time to look back and make adjustments that see improvement, but if we aren’t careful, we’ll end up looking in those directions more than the most important one – forwards.

If you want to do something you’ve always dreamed of doing, or even if it’s a new dream, don’t make the mistake of spending too much time looking at everyone else doing something remotely similar. Instead, get clear on “what” you want to do, and “why” you want to do it. Then, spend a little time researching it to see if there’s anything important you haven’t taken into account; but beware, because this part can be dangerous. If you aren’t careful, you will get stuck in the mud of indecision as you keep re-shaping your idea, never settling for something you can just “do”.

Remember, you can always change as you go along. You don’t need to get everything “perfect” before you start; of course, this depends entirely on what you want to do – if you want to be a surgeon, for example, this is not quite the right sort of advice for you. Do not start cutting yet!

But if you want to start a business, write a book, create an app, build a website… what’s stopping you from just doing it? Have you come up with excuse after excuse because you’ve got distracted – and imprisoned – looking sideways?

It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It’s time to look forwards, and run your own race!

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