What sort of life do you really want to live?

Hello! We are Ryan and Laura Anderson, and Ex-Ordinary Life was born really early one morning, while I – Ryan – lay in bed, anticipating when our daughter would wake up. I couldn’t sleep because I was also thinking about our yet-to-arrive 2nd daughter. In those dark hours (no pun intended), I saw a future that had a lot of struggle in it. I thought – at the time – that I would not be able to provide for my family. I felt like a failure; for not pursuing a different, better-paying career. I felt that I was living – at best – a very ordinary life, and I didn’t want that anymore, hence Ex-Ordinary Life.


A year or 2 earlier, someone had left a copy of Tim Ferris’s book, The 4-Hour Work Week on my desk, and it opened my eyes. I realised that I was in control of my life; or rather, I had much more control than I had allowed myself to believe. So, I took more responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and starting following through on my “dreams”. For years, one of my main passions had been writing. I had diligently spent 5 years writing one book, but never done anything major with it; this helped me to realise that I had a problem – I was great at starting stuff, but seriously sucked at finishing things. Sure, I did finish projects, but mostly the easier ones. I realised that I had a tendency to start new things when the “fun” part of creating something wasn’t so fun anymore.

This led me – and eventually Laura, too – down the road we’re on today, absorbing and learning from hundreds of books, podcasts and blogs – plus, our own ongoing life experience – and then taking that and applying it to everything: our faith, our family and our businesses.

Today, after several changes to this website and a couple of others, the purpose of Ex-Ordinary Life is to share our experience – and what we’re still learning – with others out there who, like us, see the need to do something differently. We are not special. But we are passionate about growing in every area of our lives. As parents, we want the best for our daughters, and so we make it a priority to keep that goal as our focus in almost everything we do: faith, work, spare time, future business decisions, education, day-to-day parenting, etc.

So, if you’re anything like us, we’d love to get to know you. Take a look around our site. We write about things we’re passionate about, thinking about, annoyed about… You’ll see what I mean. Oh, and come on over and say hello on Facebook.

For now, if you haven’t yet read it, here’s a blog post to get you started, which will help you to get to know us a little better.

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