Your Future, Your Hands

Everyday, many of us go about our daily routines something like this: an alarm goes off (unless you have young children; they are Human Alarm Systems), you slowly open your eyes and, particularly if it’s dark and wintry, you groan. You slowly swing your legs out of bed and sit there for a moment or two. Then you step onto an unseen railway track of sorts, and make your way to the bathroom, do your business, head to the kitchen, make some breakfast, switch on the TV and, if you didn’t already do this while in the bathroom, you check your social media feeds. Oh, would you look at that? So-and-so has just shared with the world that they had a glass of wine last night. Like.

Once up to date, you jump back on that railway track, do whatever else you do at home, and then head off to work. Your car rides the same invisible track, and when you get there, the track runs to your desk. All over the ground, everywhere, there are invisible tracks, with you and your colleagues, friends and family all doing the same things, day in and day out. Hey, that’s life, right? There are things that just need to get done. We need to pay the bills, feed our kids, and so on.

But is it possible that we are so used to that invisible railway track that we only ever dream about going off track? If you have dreams and desires, and are not really doing anything to see them come to pass, let me challenge you with this: do something today that will take you one step towards your dreams. It doesn’t have to be a big step. In fact, you’re more likely to be encouraged taking 2 small steps than one daunting step you find too overwhelming to take.

So, whether it’s finding out the cost of a course you’re interested in, or an e-mail asking if you can pay for it in instalments, or the opening sentence of your first novel, or beginning your research into understanding how to publish yourself with Kindle Direct Publishing, take one step today. And another tomorrow. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of time spent researching, each minute you spend each day is an investment in your future, and brings you one step closer to seeing your dreams become a reality.

Life is too short. If we aren’t proactive – to the point of obsession – about shaping our future, we’ll find ourselves looking back, wondering where the time went; we’ll see other people living the lives we had wanted to live, and could have lived if only we had not let those invisible railway tracks limit us. 

May you have no regrets.

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